It's been almost 5 months now since I started to use Mac OS-X. During these months, I became very comfortable in the new environment and albeit I do not consider being a power user, I can do all I need with my Macbook and use it daily.

Today I found out that yet another from my friends got a Mac. Great news, Thomas - hope you will enjoy your Macbook Pro as much as myself, Gabo and many others. Welcome in the club.

As promissed, here is a quick list of the software I found useful.

NeoOffice - Cocoa port of OpenOffice. All you need to interoperate with business world - excellent compatibility with Microsoft office formats. I had never any issues reading Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents from Windows. We use OpenOffice in business since September and it works really fine. NeoOffice uses same engine, but user interface is not based on X-Windows (as it would be for Linux and other Unix distribution), but is Mac native. Free, GPL, great looking and works like charm. Highly recommended.

Adium - free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo. No voice chat available (yet).
CHmox - - native viewer for CHM format (Microsoft Compiled Help) for OS-X. Mission critical app for eBook fans. Not sure if it is the typography, but even MSDN Magazine looks so much nicer on Mac :-)

Aquamacs Emacs - "the Allmighty Editor"in Aqua version. 'nough said.

Cocoalicious - offline client for Usefull for backup purposes of the bookmarks.

CoRD - Remote Desktop Client to access Windows machines from Mac

Delicious Library - book and DVD management program. Not free, but worth every penny - fantastic!

iTerm - very nice terminal

Library Books - menulet that reminds me to return books to local library.

MacTheRipper - nice DVD tool :-)

PalmDocConverter - converts PalmDoc format to text (another eBook maniacs must-have)

QuickSilver - Hard to describe in one sentence, but very useful. Officially, it is a launcher. In reality, more like Swiss Army Chainsaw :-)

Smultron - small and nice text editor with support for syntax colouring

ViewIt - image viewer

ThunderBird - email client, if Mail is not good enough (which IMHO is).

VLC - media player

WikiNotes - personal desktop Wiki

Writeroom - perfect editor to eliminate distraction and focus on the content

XFolders - NortonCommander reincarnated in Aqua (recommended by Apple)

MPEG StreamClip - A converter for MPEG-1/2/4, QuickTime files

Journler - journaling software, for the stuff unsuitable for Blog.
Fish - virtual aquarium simulator, see the world thorugh the eyes of fish

Solitaire - most used business application for Windows, only nicer

Enjoy !